A Review on Adonis Golden Ratio By Kyle Leon and John Barban

A Review on Adonis Golden Ratio By Kyle Leon and John Barban

adonis3adonis3This true review of Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) is beyond cheesy sales pitches and fluff. I just highlighted the particular components of product created by Kyle Leon and John Barban, their pros and cons and the approach used in the program.

The Product

AGR is a 12 week nutrition and workout program that is also called “The Perfect Body Formula” based on science behind perfect body measurements and break through tips to get closer to that dramatic transformation. There is no shortcut to dream body. You need discipline, hard work and commitment to the basics of muscle building.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Step-by-step method for both nutrition and exercise
  • Diverse plans for different individual goals
  • Nutrition plan is updated after every week.
  • Access to Active online Community
  • 100% money back within 2 months
  • Created by two experienced and educated individuals


  • No dead-lifts (in fact program claims that they increase your waist)
  • Over-generalized advices by nutrition calculator
  • After payment, there are few additional up-sells
  • Complaints and bad publicity about Kyle Leon (sale approach the AGR)


For Whom AGR is Best Suitable Program?

It offers 3 different nutrition, workout and supplementation plans for different goals like muscle gain, fat loss and both muscle gain and fat loss simultaneously. This program is for every individual at any level. However workout plans are slightly intense for a newbie.

What’s included in the Program?

  • An eBook by John Barban that explains the theory Behind Ideal Body Proportions
  • Nutrition Software – AGR Calculator
  • Training Programs
  • Meal Plans
  • Access to Online Community
  • Bonus ProductsI am going to provide an overview of each of these individually.

Theory of Ideal Body Proportions

This part is the 128 pages eBook that discusses the prevalence of steroids and how companies are selling concept that a desired physique is achievable without them. This section explains how to shift the mindset from gaining size develop perfect proportion of body.

Nutrition Software – AGR Calculator

It is a software application that takes user’s exact body dimensions to give a list of weekly targets. Waist measurements are taken into account because waist is the best indicator of fat percentage acquired by the body. However it is not good to follow these recommendations blindly because it is possible that 2 individual with similar measurements may have different metabolism and body composition. The calculator is just a reference points to start and as you progress further with program, more you can understand about your body. So better is keeping an eye on what works and what not.

Training Program – AGR System

There are 3 plans for 3 different goals:

  • muscle gain
  • fat loss
  • Both fat loss and muscle gain simultaneouslyThis software help you determine your muscle building and fitness goal on the basis of your waist, height, and weight you enter into it. However these recommendations are general and better is to determine your own objectives.
    With each plan there are different workout, nutrition and supplementation programs.Workout programs are simple and laid in day to day basis including super sets, pyramid sets, and circuit training. However I think these exercises are not that easy and a newbie should get a little gym experience before starting the program.
    The workout routine for fat loss is different and focuses more on circuit training i.e. 1 exercise after other with high reps and least time to rest in between.
    Nutrition programs and Meal Plans start with an overview of basic principles of nutrition. It introduces a concept of reverse tapering i.e. the lower body fat, the less the body will use it for fuel and hence harder it will lose the stubborn fat. The solution is to increase calories when your body fat goes down till your body gets the maximum maintenance. The program goes beyond and gives comprehensive instructions to design healthy eating diet plan to follow the principles of reverse tapering.
    The supplementation program is what’s most criticized as it recommend in fact advocate some additional products. I strongly warn to stay away of these fat burners and test boosters if you are a newbie. Some of these products are;
  • Whey Proteins
  • Fish Oils
  • Multivitamins
  • Creatine
  • Omega 6
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Extract of Green Teas
  • Multivitamins
  • Branched Chained Amino Acids

Meal Plans

There are 9 meal plans each with 504 meal ideas and several guidelines for 84 days. The guidelines are divided into item proportions, meal proportions as well as preparation suggestions like grocery list for each week. Each plan is divided into 6 different meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 additional snacks.


This is the forum with 44,000 members and 10,000 plus threads to allow you to learn from people who are on the same path. You can share your goals, track and compare your progress with other. Adonis Index Contest is the best part of the community where you can participate in 3 contests with prize of $ 500 each.
Bonuses with AGR
Adonis Abs and Arms Assault
7 days out by Kyle Leon

About Authors

John Barban

johnsbarbajohnsbarbaHe is Masters of Human Biology & Nutrition from Guelph University, Ontario Canada. Further he research and taught the exercise physiology at University of Florida. He took many training certifications like NSCA CSCS, CSEP and ACE PT. He is certified in Kinesiology. He is providing consultancy to many dietary and supplement companies since 8 years and developed many supplements for weight loss and sports supplements. His famous brands are NxLabs, MuscleTech, ADS, Slimquick, Empowered Nutrition Products and BlueStar Nutraceuticals. He spent 3 years in University of Guelph where he serves as a coach for strength and conditioning for their ice hockey team.

Kyle Leon

leoneleoneKyle is a personal trainer, nutrition specialist and fitness model. He is the author of multiple best seller fitness and nutrition program. He is fitness advisor at Bio Trust Nutrition and a spokes person and product development consultant at Blue Star Nutraceuticals. He helped 100s of individuals for lean muscle growth as well as fat loss. His different approach is customized training and nutrition based on individual’s gender, weight, height, age, body type and metabolism to maximize outputs from exercise and diet.

Buy or Not – Is Adonis Golden Ration By Kyle Leon

If you are committed to develop ideal body proportion and can have patience till the end of program, then Adonis Golden Ratio Program is for you, or else go for some other easy ways out. Its a perfect program to get that toned physique however, as we mentioned, you need time and dedication for this to work. If you are committed to get that perfect lean muscular body, then Adonis Golden Ratio is your best bet!

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