My Bikini Body Targeted Fat Loss Training Review – Is Shawna Kaminski Scam or Legit?

My Bikini Body Targeted Fat Loss Training Review – Is Shawna Kaminski Scam or Legit?

bikinibellybikinibellyAging gracefully mean different to everyone, however simplistic meaning is to remain beautiful and in shape as one age. The reality is that it easier said than done. All of us want to remain good-looking as we grow older, but this isn’t usually the case. For example, as soon as a woman gets menopause, hormonal changes take place that leads to unfavorable developments and accumulation of fats at abs portion in the body. Most of us aren’t aware how to deal with such situation and consequently we end up through crash diet plans to solve this, which rather just aggravates the situation. Shawna Kaminski, owner of NW Body Boot Camp and an enthusiastic athlete in Canada, claims that My Bikini Belly Targeted Fat Loss Training is the solution for this. Let’s review My Bikini Belly System for its effectiveness, its approach and its plus and minus aspects.

My Bikini Belly – What Actually It is?

It is a 21 day program that target Fat Loss and fitness specifically designed for women who are undergoing fat accumulation over belly because of menopause.

The Approach Used By Shawna Kaminski

She explains why and how fat accumulation occurs as a result of genes activated in fat cells. These hormonal changes and genes reduce the fat amount that is burned and therefore they cause fat accumulation specifically at belly part. To avoid this system, focuses on fight with these genes effects in less time possible. The special training approach used in this program is called Metabolic Activation Training that naturally works with body’s 3 vital parts in the following manner.

  1. Firstly it enhances fat dissolution t deactivating the menopause gene. This gives your body the natural ability to burn the fats in the belly area.
  2. Then it activate the hormones that shrink and tighten your belly
  3. Finally it enhances you metabolism and improves the body’s ability to burn fats in a tremendous way.

The Program Pack Comes with Following Items and Content are;

  • Specific workouts to attain higher energy level and trigger natural anti aging molecules in body cells
  • A series of activities to speed metabolism to improve body’s ability to burn excess stubborn fats
  • Dietary tips to help reduce the fat accumulates in your abs to thereby improve your feminine curves
  • Helpful advice to improve blood circulation to avoid the risks of all types of cardiovascular disease
  • Shawna Kaminski also gives several tips for reducing the cellulite appearance and the like


Created By Credible Professional – About Shawna Kaminski

Shawna Kaminski is 2 time winner of “Toughest Calgarian Alive” contest. She has more than 25 years experience in the field of women fitness. She is also a contributing editor for many popular fitness magazines.

The Upside and Downsides of the My Bikini Belly

Upsides of Program

  • Quick and comfortable Workouts

The results are expected in least possible time. Workouts are easier and short with 10 minutes a day to get desired results. The best part is that these workouts leave no post workout pains.

  • Relevant to Women Over 35 Years

Unlike most other fat loss programs that have no specific goals in focus and target both gender, Shawna Kaminski’s approach in My Bikini Belly targeted fat loss training reviewed to be the most relevant fat loss program programs for women aged over 35 years.

  • Unconditional 60 Days Refund Policy Makes it risk free option.

Although program promise fast results in just few weeks. If you aren’t satisfied with it you can simply ask for money back within 60 days.


Downsides of Program

  • Target Specific User

As program is specific for women over 35 years, it cannot be for everyone. Moreover, as all women are different and have different body and hormonal behavior, the results may vary.

  • No Hard Copy with the Program Pack

For females who aren’t comfortable with digital reading, can find difficulty to read and comprehend it.

Final Comment – Is My Bikini Body a Good Choice?

Overall My Bikini Belly Targeted Fat Loss training reviews are positive and Shawna Kaminski holds good ratings for her credibility. Although not suitable for all gals and women out there, the program is highly effective and cost effective for its specific niche. All workouts can be done at home with only 10 minutes every day to spend to achieve desired results. There is no need any gym equipment and other accessories.

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