Venus Factor Review – John Barban’s Top Selling Program

Venus Factor Review – John Barban’s Top Selling Program

venusvenusEvery individual is endowed with unique body types. How fat loss or weight loss process works in women, is entirely different from men. In this short review about Venus Factor program by John Barban, you will see all important details that help you find out whether it is for you or not.

Venus Factor – The Product

It is an e-book with comprehensive information about effective body sculpting, for women.

This system is based on theory that undergoing weight loss is much more difficult for women than men. The reason is leptin. Leptin is a significant hormone that control appetite in women’s bodies. There is double amount of leptin inside women body. Moreover, there bodies are naturally flat to leptin resistance, thus it slows down their rate of metabolism. So women can gain weight much easily than men until they practice some dietary behavior.

Program components

The PDF eBook has ample of information for women weight loss. It starts with figuring out individual’s unique Venus Index Ratio and then help them with practical tips to achieve the goals. The program includes;
Venus Factor nutrition eGuide – Here John helps you to discover your unique nutrition formula to exactly fulfils your unique requirements to achieve your Venus index ratio formula that have important details like weight, height and other important body measurements.
Immersion community access – You will get a 30 days access to the inversion community without any charges.

About John Barban – The Author

johnsbarbajohnsbarbaVenus Factor e-book is written by John Barban who is a famous fitness consultant. He is famous for various bestseller fitness e-books such as Adonis Golden Ration and Anything Goes Diet. His education background is given below

  • Masters In Human Biology & Nutrition From University of Guelph
  • Personal Training Certifications (ACE PT, NSCA CSCS and CSEP)
  • Certified Kinesiologist

Venus Factor Good Points

A Women Only System – All generic weight loss programs are unable to deliver the similar and optimum results for both women and men. Therefore this program is based on women unique requirements and their physical traits, to help them for specific workout requirements.
A Customizable Program – The program can be easily be customized according to your specific body requirements and existing fitness level. Instructions in e-book allow you to learn only what you are required to get maximum results from the program.
Detailed exercise routines in step by step manner – It contain step-by-step workout routines for 12 week time which is further segregated into 3 different phases of 4 weeks each. All this is backed by images, comprehensive videos and easy demonstrations. Thus any one can understand and follow this program to the point. Every workout phase also covers different exercise types, like strength training and other to ensure that you can tone up your muscles, while undergoing steady weight loss simultaneously.
Money back guarantee – John Barban offers 60 days unconditional money back guarantee.
No specialized gym machines needed – All workout mentioned in Venus Factor can be done at home without any specialized equipment.
Scientific And Unique Approach – John Barban’s approach is very scientific and unique. The leptin hormone is used to tackle the weight loss issue specifically in a woman. By helping you to reduce your bodies’ leptin resistance level, it help you to kick starts your metabolism to burn great amount of fat. Unlike other weight loss products that forces you to undergo strict diet schedules, Venus Factor is quite different as it don’t ask you to count calories and stay away from your favorite delights.

Venus Factor Bad Points

Needs 100% focus and dedication – You cannot expect an iota result without 100% dedication and commitment till the end of program. So the product is not for you if you are expecting quick fixes for weight loss.
Required lot of reading – You need to go through whole program over and over again. So this program is useless if you are not comfortable at reading.
Can Only be purchased and download through Internet – The product is only available in digital format and need a proper internet connection to download. For print version you have to do it yourself.


Venus Factor Reviewed For Scam

John Barban is a popular fitness experts who have already delivered phenomenal results 1000s of across the globe. Venus Factor is for sure an effective weight loss program for women. Currently its the most popular and top selling program in weight loss niche.

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